Topic outline

  • General

    If a child requires medication, the following rules must apply;
    1.     Written instructions from the doctor/pharmacist with
    a) the name of the child
    b) dosage
    2.     Medication must be in the original bottle/container.
    3.     A Medication Authority from parents must be sent to the school to administer medication. This form is available from the Office.
    4.     Only designated staff are to supervise the receiving of medication at 11.30 am.
    5.     All medication must be presented to the School Office staff by parents. It is dangerous for medication to be in children’s bags.
    6.     The need for asthma puffers varies greatly from child to child. We ask that parents contact the school to inform them if:
    a)  puffers need to be kept in the school medicine chest;
    b)  puffers need to be carried by individual children.
    7.     Children will not be given tablets for headaches. These tablets fall under the same regulations as points 1 - 6.