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    Kindergarten Enrolments

    All school enrolments for our three St Agnes' Parish primary schools are based on a zoning system. All enquiries and enrolments are directed to the St Agnes' Parish Schools Coordinating Executive Officer, Mr John McQueen, at the St Agnes’ Parish Administration Centre. The enrolment process for Kindergarten occurs during the month of May,
    the year prior to the commencement of Kindergarten.
    The Principal will conduct enrolment interviews after the Kindergarten Application closing date.
    An interview does not guarantee acceptance in to the school. 
    Enrolment Application forms are available from the School Office, St Agnes’ Parish Administration Centre or on-line at the following link 
    Please return enrolment application forms, along with the other specified documents such as Baptisimal Cerificiate, Birth Certificate and Immunisation Certificates  to:
    St Agnes' Parish Administration Centre
    P.O. Box 1736
    Or in person to:
    St Agnes' Parish Schools Coordinating Executive Officer
    Mr John McQueen
    St Agnes’ Parish Administration Centre
    49 Hay Street