Topic outline

  • General

    Children’s Rights and Responsibilities
    I Have The Right... My Responsibility Is To...
    To Be Safe At St Peter's
    • Move with care around the school
    • No physical contact
    • To be in the right place at the right time
    • Ask for help if I feel that I am not safe
    To Play Safely At St Peter's
    • Welcome others to play with me
    • No physical contact
    • Share
    • Follow the rules of the game
    To Learn At St Peter's
    • Co-operate with teachers and students
    • Listen carefully and ask for assistance
    • Complete my work
    • Participate in all activities
    • Allow others to work undisturbed
    • Clean up any mess that I make
    To A Clean and Pleasant Environment
    • Protect the school environment
    • Keep the school environment clean
    • Preserve the school environment
    • Clean up any mess that I make
    To Be Treated With Justice and Respect
    • Be well mannered
    • Be kind to others
    • Be fair to others
    • Respect others property
    • Accept and respect all people