Topic outline

  • General

    St Peter’s Primary School, Stage 1, opened on 1st February, 1993 with four
    Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3, an Administration block and
    Toilet block.
    Foundation Staff were:  
    Principal-   Mr Don Farrell
    Assistant Principal-   Miss Margaret Condon
    Religious Co-Ordinator- Miss Margaret Condon
    Kindergarten Teacher  Miss Margaret Condon
    Year 1 Mrs Di Hughes
    Year 2 Miss Karen Robson
    Year 3       Mrs Genelle Hughes
    Executive Relief   Mrs Margaret Rourke
    Teachers’ Aide    Mrs Narelle Tarrant
    School Secretary  Mrs Evelyn Doak
    • Stage 2 was completed on 24th September, 1993 and added the following facilities: 
      Three classrooms, Library, Staffroom,    Canteen, Sports Shed, Toilet Block and hard court area.
    • Stage 3 was completed in mid 1995. It includes two classrooms, one toilet block and storage area.                                          
      The Library area increased in size.
    • Stage 4 was completed in the 2000 school year and included six classrooms,
      withdrawal rooms added to existing classrooms,   one toilet block, storeroom, covered shelter, extensions to staffroom and Library classrooms.
    St Peter’s began 2001 as a full two stream school with
    401 students,
    266 families and 26 staff.
    St Peter’s celebrated its 10th Year in 2002 with a
    School Community Mass,
    Staff Reunion and historical display.